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Both the DLP TV and the Plasma TV technology are aiming same market in the sector of High Definition television. However, with the numbers of problems that most of the owners of DLP TV has faced are now changing their inclination to Plasma TV. The numbers of DLP TV repairing problems and complaints according to Toronto DLP Repair is considerably high. This has put consumers to focus more on Plasma TV. Although, the DLP TV has also shown its good performance, somehow the negative feedback outweighs it.

In a simple definition, the DLP TV uses tiny mirror to reflect light source towards or away inside the television set. This reflection would produce the light and the dark part of the image in the screen. The color hue is created because of the color wheel that is inside the DLP that rotate a thousand times in one minute. This is just the simple explanation of the DLP TV technology. Primarily, the major parts that creates a clear image for the DLP is the DLP cheap which contains millions of small mirror, the optics, the light source and the color wheel.

On the other hand, the Plasma TV has the reputation of having a good contrast ratio. The pictures are clearer and the colors are more vibrant and realistic. Of course, it also has its share of negative feedbacks.

Going back to DLP TV, with the expertise of the Toronto DLP Repair they have share their knowledge on how to troubleshoot some common problems encounter by the owners of DLP TV. Most of the owners are not aware of the technology of the DLP that results to some mishandling and cause problems and malfunctioning of the television set. The most common problem that is encounter by owners of DLP TV is the bulb. The bulb of the DLP TV is the light source that is inside the television set. If this light will stop working definitely the television will be useless. This problem about the DLP TV bulb is something that can’t be avoided because this bulb will sooner stop working and will wear out. The only thing that one can do is to replace the bulb of the DLP TV.

The DLP TV’s color wheel is also one of the important parts of this television set. This color wheel that the DLP TV has produces the color on the image on the screen. This will also cause some problems on the image and can be annoying for the consumers. The color wheel of the DLP TV can rotate in a fast speed for almost 120 rotations per second. This is where the highest possibility of a DLP TV would face which is the result of the color wheel’s malfunction. The color wheel can also produce a noise when the DLP TV is switched on and sometimes this will produce rainbow effect on the television screen. The only thing that an owner can do with this problem is to turn the DLP TV off.

Another problem that the owner of DLP TV might experience is when you see on image on the screen. Most of the time when this problem happen only green lines will appear on the screen of the television. With this problem, the usual cause is the malfunctioning of the DLP TV’s faulty power element. An expertise of a technician should be sought to solve this.

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