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Sony’s Google TV First things first, let us try to understand how these things happen? Sony TV and Google? How does it work? Well, there could be a lot of question and a lot of confusion. Sony TV has launch a Google which brings a lot of question raised in Toronto. If you come to think of it how can a TV and Google be combine? The answer is technology. Before you get too excited, it is just so simple; it simply means Google right there in your TV room. Sony TV as this new line of technology for television that is called Sony Google TV. So what is exactly Google TV? To make is simple Google TV is a software platform. It works like the Nexus One hardware by HTC which run the Android which is a piece of software by Google. That is exactly how the Google TV works. Google TV would mean simply a platform or software. It should be set up in a device like television so you can use it.

What is exactly with the Sony Google TV has? The Sony Google TV has the following specs that are need for a Google TV; first is the atom processor, HDMI –out, discrete CPU, Bluetooth, IR and it has to have transmitting blaster, Wifi, Ethernet, a keyboard and a pointing device and also traditional ordinary remote. Another question that is also common for this new Sony Google TV is if this new technology would be compatible with the satellite dish or other cable system. This Sony Google TV is equipped with IR blaster for channel switching this Sony Google TV is compatible with whatever satellite system.

In turning on your Sony Google TV you will immediately see a search bar just like in the internet explorer of your computer. From the search bar you can key in what you want to watch, like if you want to tune in a television station. Perhaps you want to watch a show then it will show you where you can find genre for shows. This is possible for those who are cable subscriber or for those who are Netflix subscriber.

There are website that has streaming service like the Amazon which can be accessible with the Sony Google TV. You will have to use Google Chrome for the streaming of any available show in Amazon.

Another amazing thing about this Sony Google TV is that you can combine it with your phone. This is made possible by the Google TV hardware spec which is the Bluetooth and Wifi. With this hardware you will be able to download webpage for the Android phone and you can beam it in to Sony Google TV. The voice recognition in the Android phone will also allow you to navigate or change channel by talking.

One of the most important things that most people would agree with me is the application of gaming on this Sony Google TV. The Google TV from Sony support flash and that would mean games and videos. That is how amazing the Sony Google TV is. It offer new, fresh and exciting feature that no other television brand have.

We Repair all types of Electronics

We Repair all types of Electronics