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The Plasma TV of Sony in general very thin. It is probably one of the best Plasma TV with good quality in the market these days. You may be tempted to buy a new Sony Plasma TV and replace the old standard television that you have at home. The old Cathode Ray Tube or the traditional TV that we use to have has different technology with the high definition television like the Plasma TV. The Plasma TV is the newest innovation and the technology is superb. Yes it is true that Plasma TV of Sony is pretty to look at but it is not free from problem too. These are the common troubles of Plasma TV of Sony:

  1. Burn-in is one of the usual problems that the Plasma TV has. This is true especially to the older type of Plasma TV of Sony. The usual reason of burn-in problems is when you leave a static picture on the television screen too long. The image will permanently stay on the screen and this is what we call burn-in. however, with the newer model of the Plasma TV is has a technology that will prevent the burn-in. This technology will work on the pixels by shifting the image a little so that the image will move all the time. This will prevent to stay for too long and avoid burn-in in the Plasma TV.

  2. The high altitudes are always problem for the Plasma TV of Sony. Since we all know that the Plasma TV uses phosphor gases to produce and vivid and vibrant picture living in a high altitude will bring trouble. If you live a high altitude area like the hills or mountains this can put over work for the Plasma TV. If the phosphors will work hard to create a picture it will cause the pixel to die faster.

  3. The overheating is also one of the causes of problems for the Plasma TV of Sony. This type of television is made to generate too much heat when they are on. Using the Plasma TV too much can cause overheating problems.

  4. When we talk about the screens of Plasma TV is it really not tough like the old Cathode Ray Tube televisions. If something accidently pressed the screen hard like something is thrown in it accidentally this will permanently damage the screen.

  5. Another problem that you may encounter with the Plasma TV of Sony brand is the dead pixels. You will know if there is a dead pixel on the screen if there are some spots like a small white or black spot on the screen. If you have this problem and the Plasma TV is still under warranty with Sony they will replace the whole television.

According to Sony TV Repair Toronto, when you encounter problems with your Plasma TV immediately turn the television off. This specially overheating problem so that there will no further damage will happen to the Plasma TV. Also try checking on the plug and other connection because there are some problems are due to this. Lastly, never leave the Plasma TV for too long to avoid burn-in problems. These are good information that you can do to avoid problems with your Plasma TV.

We Repair all types of Electronics

We Repair all types of Electronics