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According the survey and the statistics of the television users and owners flaunts or shows off the contrast ratio of their latest breed of television. With a lot of information we have with we get from many sources that tells us the latest and new breed of television’s capabilities, it is somehow confusing to know what is more important.

Talking about what is the most important with television, certainly it is the contrast ratio. The effect of contrast issue on the picture on the screen should better well understood before making any decision in buying an LCD television.

So what is contrast ratio? First let us define what contrast ratio is. The contrast ratio of an LCD television indicates the distinction from the dark part to the light part of the image. It simply means the ratio between the black and the white. Consequently, if the contrast ratio of the television is high the better is the quality of the image in the display. An LCD television with high contrast ratio the result is there will be a big variation from black to white and gives the image more detail.

The contrast ratio is essential for a good and better quality image in your LCD TV. It is the contrast ratio that will makes the eyes identify the variation in brightness as well as color of the image. It is recommended to have minimum contrast ratio of 2:1 for black and white. This ratio will allow our eyes to distinguish black and white and you will not see gray color instead. The suggested contrast ratio for color images to identify the variation in color is 5:1 or maybe 7:1 contrast ratio. With the new breed of flat panel from Panasonic TV, Sony TV and Samsung TV should have the contrast ratio of 60,000:1 at the same time as the Plasma TV and their LED TV should always have millions for contrast ratio.

There are also ways to measure the contrast ratio of a television. The two techniques for getting accurate contrast ratio of the television are Full On and Full Off method and ANSI method. The process that will determine the production of the light of an all white image is the Full On. On the other hand, the process that is use to determine the all black or the dark image is the Full Off. The second technique which is the ANSI method, determines the production of a black and white in an outline that is checkered. This ANSI method is more rational way of getting the contrast ratio of the LCD TV.

One of the things that can warp the contrast ratio of a television is the bright light. Usually the room where watch our television is affected by the light that is coming from the exterior of the house as well as the light that is from the inside of the house. To have a better contrast ratio, it is necessary to have the room where you watch your television to be completely dark. In this way you can appreciate a better contrast ratio which results to a clearer image and a deeper dark on the image.

As you decide to buy from any appliance center in Oshawa consider all these things that are presented. Although, contrast ratio should not be the deciding factor for buying an LCD TV but it is also very important for an overall specification that a television should have.

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