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Manufacturers of television have made best innovation when it comes to technology. The television that we have today is not the same as it was before. We all know that the huge televisions that we use to have and the picture that was once not does not have a good picture quality. As well as the audio system which is limited is now gone with the breed of television. DLP TV and Plasma TV are one of the examples of these newest models of television. The two have comparatively top of the line technology which was not seen with old standard television that we used to have.

The technologies that these both televisions have, it has put a competition of which one is better or the best. Of course, both of them have its own advantages that will draw in consumers to own one. The DLP TV and Plasma TV are comparatively high resolution television in the market these days. However, if we compare the television they have completely different technology.

The Toronto DLP Repair has explained the technology that DLP TV has. According to the Toronto DLP Repair DLP means Digital Light Processing uses a technology of very tiny Digital Micromirror Device or DMD. This Digital Micromirror Device will tilt 1.3 million micromirrors or even more. More or less the width of this micromirror is the same as the width of human hair. This micromirror is tilted towards or away from the source of the light of DLP.

As a result, this will create bright and dark pixels on the projector screen. The light source is then passed through a filter of a color wheel which produces color on the screen. This color wheel is rotated 120 times in a second to create a good quality color hue. The mirror can produce 1024 shades of gray through turning it on and off for a thousand times. The gradation of colors of the DLP TV images is clearer because of the color filters which are lighted at the back with just a right intensity of light.

This will make the color of a DLP TV stands out. There are 4 components that the DLP TV technology that makes the image of the picture clear. These are the DMD chip, light source, color wheel as well as the optics. There are only few who know about the DLP TV. Most of the job that the Toronto DLP Repair has is not as many as the other repair center that deals with the Plasma TV.

DLP TV and Plasma TV will differ in a lot of ways. The two has its own characteristics which will satisfy the customer. However, if there are problems there are also experts that have the knowledge on how to fix these high end televisions. The Toronto DLP Repair deals with the problems related to DLP TV. Though there are only few people in Toronto who owns DLP TV compare to those who own Plasma TV, the Toronto DLP Repair is ready to serve the consumer’s needs.

We Repair all types of Electronics

We Repair all types of Electronics